MCTS Ltd - ISO & Offshore Container, LOLER and Road Trailer XL Testing Facility


MCTS Ltd, are a fully independent ISO, offshore and LOLER testing facility based in the UK.  We offer a diverse range of testing solutions including:

  • Road trailer testing
  • European standards
  • Floor rolling testing
  • ISO regulations
  • Full ISO and offshore container testing.

We have also recently added LOLER lift test certification to our services with a capacity of up to 60 tons.

Over the past 12 years we are proud to have been able to provide ISO, offshore testing, Swap Body and Road Trailer testing to clients from the UK, Europe and beyond.

About Us

Marine Container Test Services Ltd have approved test engineers with over 40 years’ combined experience.

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Testing Solutions
We carry out all mechanical strength tests to comply with a range of statutory requirements.
Equipment Solutions
We have developed a variety of specialised tools and equipment to assist with access, inspection and testing equipment.